Dicks Creek Falls


Another of Rabun Counties 17 public waterfalls, Dick’s Creek Falls plunges 60 feet into the Chattooga River on the eastern side of Rabun County.
Directions:  From Clayton, drive six miles east on WArwoman Road.  Turn right onto Dick’s Creek Road or Sandy Ford Road.  Go .5 miles, then take aleft across the creek.  Go 3.5 miles.  Cross a second ford and park at Bartram Trail Sign.  Follw the trail north to Dick’s Creek.  Follow the creek to the viewing area at the top of the falls.

Beautiful Dicks Creek Falls is one of the highlights of both the Bartram Trail and the Chatooga River Trail. The trail allows access to the Chattooga Wild and Scenic River area from Sandy Ford Road.

Combining scenic beauty, a waterfall, and a hike with gently flowing river just about makes our day, so Dick’s Creek Falls is pretty much on the agenda whenRabun County is the destination. The trail heads almost due east from the back of the small parking lot towards the Chattooga Wild and Scenic River National Recreation Area. At first the trail meanders beside quiet Dick’s Creek, slowly moving away from the creek the closer to the falls. Along this portion of the trail, which is level, there are occasional paths to the creek, normally rewarded with a small cascade.

At the intersection of the Bartram Trail, the Chattooga River Trail and Dicks Creek Trail there is a bridge which crosses the Dick’s Creek for hikers on the Bartram Trail. Just after this intersection the trail begins the easy-moderate descent to the Chattooga River Wild and Scenic National Recreation Area.

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