Glen Falls

Glen Falls is a triple waterfall near Highlands with four great scenic stops along the roughly 2-mile round-trip hike in the Nantahala National Forest. Located just a few miles from downtown Highlands, Glen Falls is on the east fork of Overflow Creek in the scenic Blue Valley area. The hike makes a gradual descent with about 400 feet in elevation change. There are quite a few switchbacks, so the climb is not too steep.

About 1/2-mile from the parking area, you’ll come to the observation deck for the upper section of the waterfall, dropping about 70 feet. Continue about 1/3-mile to the middle section of the falls that drop 60 feet, with water stair-stepping down a wide rock face. If you want to venture down the trail more, a third small section drops about 15 feet.

At both the middle and upper sections, there are observation decks to safely view the falls. If the water is down, you can venture out on rocks for a closer view. Of course, be careful of the slippery rocks and swift currents. Stay on the dry stones!

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