Blue Ridge Toys

Blue Ridge Toys

Blue Ridge Toys is owned and operated by Sandra Glichowski. As a former educator and the mother of two young children, Sandra has a passion for finding toys that can be both fun and educational. Since opening in 2017, Blue Ridge Toys has grown to offer an ever-widening array of products, from games, puzzles, art supplies and comic books to musical instruments hand-made locally.

“Every employee truly believes in our motto: ‘Where Play is a Way of Life,’” Sandra says. “So we carry toys for all ages from those just born to those big ‘kids’ who were wise enough to never grow up.”

Blue Ridge Toys aims to carry the most fun and unique products available. The carefully curated selection of toys is always changing. “We test the items ourselves with our team of fun experts to ensure you’re always getting the best of the best,” Sandra notes. “We search for toys around the world. We want to be seen as the local toy store. Main Street has a reputation to be geared towards tourist and we want the local kids here to feel like we are the local toy store – THEIR store.”

It’s that community commitment that drives Sandra and her staff. “The store is happy,” she exclaims. “The joy we get from the look on grandparents’ faces because they know they got something special — and the excitement that brings — is what makes it all worth it. Little ones coming into store and finding the perfect treasure! Creating memories is one of our top priorities.”

For Easter 2020 – when the pandemic had created extra hardship in the community – Blue Ridge Toys partnered with several local merchants and kind-hearted customers to build and deliver 600 Easter baskets to families in need. “We are so grateful to this community and for the memories we’re creating,” Sandra adds. “We know we are doing are good job if people walk in here with a smile on their face and walk out with an even bigger smile.”

Business Information

Blue Ridge Toys

45 N. Main Street

Clayton, GA 30525

Owners: Stephen & Sandra Glichowski

Phone: 706.707.8697



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