Main Street Gallery, Clayton

Main Street Gallery, Clayton
Main Street Gallery specializes in contemporary folk art, also known as Visionary, Outsider, Self-taught, or vernacular Art.  Also featured are southern folk pottery, hand crafted furniture, fine art, jewelry, gifts and accessories.  The gallery has been recognized in Southern Living, The New York Times and Better Homes and Gardens, as one of the top contemporary folk art galleries in the country.

Our folk art collection is a result of over 30 years spent visiting self-taught artists wherever we find them — in isolated, rural communities to inner- city neighborhoods.  Meeting  these uniquely talented people, has been inspiring. What these artists create is art from the heart, without preconceived ideas of what art should be. They work with what is at hand like sheet metal, cast-lumber, house paint, or cardboard.  Often, the need to create is born from religious experiences (hence the term Visionary), or sometimes it can be the result of personal trauma. Whatever the catalyst, the end result is art that is refreshingly direct, powerful, and without pretense.

Business Information

51 North Main Street

Clayton, GA 30525

(706) 782-2440



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