Kudzu Factory

Kudzu Factory
The Kudzu Project is a work-in-progress that focuses on increasing awareness toward the development of utilizing an abundant (and invasive) resource–the kudzu vine and leaf …as a viable medium for creative product. Visit King Kudzu and Joleen Oh at their Kudzu Factory next to The Promenade in Mountain City, GA.
here at the factory we carry a large variety of products made from  the kudzu vine
from soap to paper to baskets and even candy
we specialize in being able to build just about anything you can draw out of kudzu/ bamboo
I have also been making the long leaf pine needle baskets since I was a child and will have them at the market
Kudzu Factory art is on display and for sale at Cindy’s Dragonfly in Dillard, Georgia at 7404 Us Hwy 441 north.
Bank Free, Lawyer Free, Government Free art.
Spiritual seeking natural art
Searching for higher power through green friendly art

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