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Hambidge Center

In 1934, Georgia native Mary Hambidge settled in northern Rabun County where she founded the Hambidge Center for Creative Arts and Sciences.  On a visit to Greece, Mary was drawn to the ancient art of weaving, a craft that would become her life’s work.  She developed a retreat, a farm cooperative and an environment where local […]

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Sylvan Falls Mill

The Sylvan Falls Mill is an 1840 grist mill that still operates today supplying a variety of meals and flours ground from organically grown local grains. Products are ground between two granite stones encased in a Meadows Mill that is powered by a 27 foot Fitz Water Wheel.  The water wheel is propelled by a

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Foxfire Museum and Heritage Center

Foxfire Museum and Heritage Center The Foxfire Museum and Heritage Center portrays early life in southern Appalachia. Visitors get a rare glimpse of what life was like for the stout settlers who braved the weather, terrain, and isolation to tame this beautiful piece of America over 150 years ago.  Tour a collection of 20 historic log cabins

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Barker’s Creek Grist Mill

Barker’s Creek Grist Mill Part of the Hambidge Center, Barker’s Creek Grist Mill has been providing the local community with milling services since the mid 1800s. Mary Hambidge built the current mill in 1944 at the site of an older mill that served the community since the first white settlers came into the area in

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