Foxfire Museum and Heritage Center

Foxfire Museum and Heritage Center
The Foxfire Museum and Heritage Center portrays early life in southern Appalachia. Visitors get a rare glimpse of what life was like for the stout settlers who braved the weather, terrain, and isolation to tame this beautiful piece of America over 150 years ago.  Tour a collection of 20 historic log cabins and replicas of traditional log construction designs. Some authentic structures date back to the early 1800s.  The gift shop is filled with folk art, handcrafted items, regional music and books, including the acclaimed Foxfire Book series.

“Foxfire” is the name that an English class picked, in 1966, for a student-produced magazine they chose to create, containing stories and interviews gathered from elders in their rural Southern Appalachian community.

The history of Foxfire – a spark turns into a flame.

In 1966, a young teacher at the Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School was struggling to engage the students in his high school English class. In frustration, he asked them what they thought would make the curriculum interesting. They decided to produce a magazine, honing their writing skills on stories gathered from their families and neighbors, and producing articles about the pioneer era of southern Appalachia.

They called it “Foxfire” after the glowing fungus that clings to rotted wood in the local hills.

This spark of an idea – and the work that followed – has turned into a phenomenon of education and living history, teaching readers, writers, visitors, and students how our pioneer past helps define who we are and what we can become. And now, 50 years later, Foxfire continues to welcome people from across the globe into the fascinating world of Appalachian pioneer folk.

Business Information

The Foxfire Museum and Heritage Center is located on Black Rock Mountain

PO Box 541, Mountain City, Georgia 30562-0541




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