Rabun County Historical Society and Museum

Rabun County Historical Society and Museum
Chartered in 1976, the Rabun County Historical Society and Museum is an active reminder of the county’s rich heritage and historical roots and a leader in genealogy research. The museum houses a growing collection of research materials for Rabun County and surrounding areas, as well as unique items and artifacts that are invaluable to area researchers, including a hand-drawn map of the original land lots.
Rabun County is located in Southern Appalachia and was part of the Cherokee Nation for thousands of years before the arrival of white settlers. The State of Georgia removed the Cherokees in 1819 and gave the land to settlers in a land lottery. Despite isolation brought on by high mountains and wild rivers, our scenic beauty has beckoned visitors since the mid-nineteenth century.
The mission of the Rabun County Historical Society is to preserve, collect, organize and disseminate information about Rabun County’s past in order to further its understanding.
Please join us in working toward this goal. Become a member today or renew your membership.
The Rabun County Historical Society has been established to:

  • Appraise, collect, organize, describe, preserve and make available the history of Rabun County, its environs and artifacts.
  • Provide facilities for the retention, preservation, servicing and research use of such records.
  • Serve as a research center for the study of Rabun County’s history by members of the community and other interested persons.
  • Serve in a public relations capacity by promoting knowledge and understanding of Rabun County’s origins.

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